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Species Info

A species of pony unique in it's glass tail that is home to a unique type of starfish. These starfish, found nowhere else in the world, act as the pony's life force- if they die, the pony will die as well.

The most notable characteristic of the Starfish Bubblebutts is their glass tail, which contains a little fishtank of sorts. All SFBBs have a little layer of sand and a starfish that call this globe home, but healthier SFBBs will have larger bubbles and room for more than one starfish to grow; the healthiest are known to have marine plants! Sadly, not all are very healthy; the sickly members of the species usually have smaller bubbles, rarely with any shape that isn't round. Outside of larger bubbles, healthier SFBBs have longer seaweed tails around their bubbles, which act as a sort of food source for the starfish and pony (mostly the starfish). Longer tails can support more starfish.
If a pony's bubble is to be damaged and the water begins to leak out, the starfish will grow ill and die- killing the pony as well. Smaller cracks can be repaired, but whatever water is lost can never be replaced.
The bubbles themselves always have a glow, and the color fluctuates with their mood- dimming with fear and burning brightly with happiness. When they sleep it dims to a neutral tone, usually the color of one of their starfish.

When the pony comes into question, they aren't lacking in unique traits either- their manes are always colors or variations of what is found living in their bubble. This means the mane colors are almost limitless, as their starfish and plants have been known to be almost any color!
The coats of these ponies are always close to the same color as their sand, and can have a variety of markings. All SFBBs have long feathering on their fetlocks (ankles/hooves), although sometimes it may only be their back hooves. Another notable feature is the small gills at the base of their heads which allow them to breathe water for a short time.

When a SFBBP is born, they just have a very small bud of a bubble, which grows as they grow. While the bubble is small, the ponies are very vulnerable and weak. As they grow, sand starts to appear in the bubble, and water fills it. Pretty soon after that their first starfish starts to grow. As they get older more starfish will grow if the pony is healthy and happy. Ponies that are unhappy most of the time will not grow as many starfish, and their bubbles are weaker and more prone to damage.

Socially, SFBBs are known to live in close-knit groups, usually of between 7-12 individuals. The strong protect and care for the weak. As a whole the species is known to wear jewellery, typically in the form of bracelets and necklaces, which match ornaments decorating their bubbles. These ornaments are given to the ponies when they get their first starfish.

There are also Arctic variants of SFBBs. They typically have thicker fur, with the thickest ruffs around the neck and legs (replacing the silken feathering of their normal counterparts). They usually have duller colors than their more tropical cousins, and from time to time have mussels or clams in their bubbles as well. They may have curled ram or goat horns.

Group Info

Starfish Bubblebutt Ponies are a closed original species, but we've always got customs open!

If you want a custom/adopt, ask one of the admins!
If you would prefer a MYO, message the group! They'll be like customs but a bit cheaper as we're not doing the designing.
Please do not breed these ponies.
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As the name says, I'm selling some MYOs of my closed species Starfish Bubble Butts. Prices will depend on what traits you choose, please refer to this journal for traits: starfish-bubblebutts.deviantar…

Base price for a myo with all common traits will be 30 points. Each uncommon trait will be 10 points extra, each rare will be 20 points each.

Just comment with what traits you want, like this:

Common: (list traits here)

And I'll add up the price for you!

People with a myo slot:

None at the moment

I'm also selling some more slots for the rights to make unlimited adopts and characters of this species, of any rarity, for 200 points per slot. There will be three slots for these. Once you buy rights to the species, you can become a contributor in the group : devstarfish-bubblebutts: and make adopts to sell for as much as you see fit.


1: open
2: open
3: open
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